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Re zero season 2 animated season re zero anime of the light novel series written by Tappel Nagatsuki and adorned by Shinichirou Otsuka on 2019 March 23 Re zero season 2 has been declared Re:Zero seasons 2 story in terms of the first meeting with Satella in the presence of Witches Echidna revealed an aspiration to help Subaru but it would prioritize only his life and none of the friends fight hard to save him There would be a sacrifice Re:Zero Season 2 in terms of story meeting goes on exactly what comes into your mind The Satella face confirms their identity The story episode of Re zero season 2 is never really dipped into Subaru’s kill himself but something interesting in season 2 happened to be if you know you have one chance to come back again and save your loved ones So the pain of death has caused him Emilia re zero another favorite character of Re:Zero Season 2