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Tamilgun | newly released movies & amp mega tv shows online

There is a long story behind the ban and relaunching of the online movie streaming siteTamilGun. As being an illegal public torrent website, This website uploads pirated movies of the Tamil film industry. The uses, who want to watch the newly released movies at home, logon the website, download it, and enjoy it. Tollywood or Tamil film industry is not the only victim by TamilGun, but the site does leak movies from different other websites like Mollywood, and Bollywood as well. The site has earned a bad name in presenting downloading the latest movies and episodes of mega television shows. All these movies and shows are available in various local and National languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, and English.

Owning Different Names

Tamil Gun is being operated from India and masked many alternative names over the years. Launched in 2012, It has quickly become one of the most infamous websites in India. South Indian based site transformed into a network that is hosting huge unlicensed and pirated content. This website enabled its users from around the globe to access pirated content, including movies and mega television shows. The visitors can register on the site if they want to, yet it is not imperative. The websites present the content freely, but they do generate revenue through advertising. At its peak, a believed estimated revenue is more than twenty million, with two million users accessing the platform and watching the unlicensed and pirated contents. Though this is presently offline some of its clone sites are accessible and active.

The Earning Secrets of TamilGun

It might be surprising for you that the sites, which are presenting pirated content, are earning great money. In this modern age, the pirates of the digital world are monetizing pirated content and making money. There is a large number of such unlicensed sites, which are engaged in a race to show the latest releases within a short time of the released movie. They watch and record the movie in the theater and upload it instantly. It generates the strength of their users and ensures to make them big money. They use the latest techniques and software programs to present the pirated content. They collect video and audio data from multiple sources and get a comparatively better result. There are always illegal ads on such illegal sites. Mostly the websites, which access them to publicize their sites, services, or product belong to the casino, and dating services.

Getting Banned and Getting Relaunched

Indian Cyber Authorities has had an eye on these sites for years, and the authority has banned it many times, but it appears with a new name again and again.  

What You Can Visit On TamilGun? 

There is no limit of old and latest content, yet you can watch almost each and everything on the site. If you are a regular user here, you may find that they are continuously presenting all the latest stuff, you desire to watch. Unlike other movies, you won’t find any broken link on any movie or show on the site, yet all the content is presented in a natural flow. The site is paving its way as a sharp online streaming movie platform by offering all the latest movies within the real-time of the release. You can now watch the movie by merely clicking on the movie link.

Some of the Leaked Movies Presented On the Site

You will be obsessed with the rich database of newest released Tamil, Hindi, and Hindi dubbed movies on the site. No doubt, the site is carrying massive data with it, yet most of it is pirated and illegal. They are proudly presenting pirated content and openly violating the laws of copyright. If you happen to be there, you will find the old movie and TV show collection in HD results, but the latest released movies are presented in Cam result. Though it’s forbidden to take cameras or movie cameras are prohibited from taking with you in the cinema halls, yet they manage to do it and get the movie in their cam and present on Online Free TamilGun Website to play for its visitors. Despite facing severe and fatal consequences, the site owners are doing this illegal job and satisfying their online viewers with the latest movies. Although the films they are presenting on their site are original and most recent, yet they do not have quality results. In some scenes, you won’t even be able to recognize the face and not hear the sound as well.

Here is a list of some top movies, which are being presented on the site.





Batla House 

Gully Boy


Judgemental Hai Kya


Arjun Patiala



Consequences of Pirated and Unlicensed Content

When a movie is pirated and played illegally, it causes a significant loss to the concerning film making company. The people don’t go to cinemas and theaters and watch the movies just by sitting at their home and playing it on their laptop, PC, or other Internet-connected devices. This is why sites are responsible for the loss suffered by the filmmaker. This is what pushes the cyber authorities and makes such sites banned.

Should You Watch Movies on TamilGun?

The site has no doubt attracts hundreds of thousands of online users over the past few years. This is but not the criteria to nominate the site as legal or safe at all. Mostly it is not hosting the content all by itself, yet the movies and shows that you find on this streaming website are obtained illegally. There might also be a significant risk involved in it that your computer or device could become infected with the malware or virus after spending time on the site any of the fake clone websites. You may find dozens of legal streaming sites that let you stream video for free or against small monthly charges. Though the legal streaming sites don’t offer the same selection of movies, yet they are having a license and thus play legal content. They also ensure not to infect your computer with any malware or virus.

Tools to Watch Movies Safely

In some specific countries, the cyber authorities always keep on tracking the pirated movie geeks and take necessary actions against such users. It’s because, according to cyber laws, watching pirated content is never allowed. You can’t watch, reproduce, or share the pirated content in your community. Therefore it’s not recommended to watch any movie on such sites. But in most of the countries, watching pirated content is not considered as a sin or crime. India is also one of the countries where you can watch pirated movies without any fear or danger. There is certainly no issue to watch movies on TamilGun. Still, if you avoid any malware or virus attack on your PC or Laptop, you are recommended to use a quality VPN and make sure your device is protected with a firewall and a quality anti-virus program.