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Putlocker | a haven of movies lovers on the web

The Market Share of This Website in Providing Quality Entertainment 

PutLocker is undoubtedly a marvelous name in presenting movies and TV shows on its website. This is an online streaming video site that releases the latest movies and shows. In this busy era, watching movies at home is more comforting than ever for every 8 to 5 jobs. The exhausted buddies seek some options to get entertained on their couches and beds instead of going out to some theatres. This is when this amazing site comes into the scene and dominates the entertaining world. With the advent of various online streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Hulu, etc. watching your favorite TV shows and latest released movies in your home have become more cheering and comforting than ever. But a question is arising here that what if you neither want to the theatres nor spend your money on watching movies on paid sites? In this case, PutLocker is going to be your ultimate choice to get quality entertainment with free online streaming at home.

The Appearance of PutLocker in Online Streaming Movies

This site refers to various online file hosting index websites used for streaming entertainment media, particularly films and television series, for free. Initially, the website was originated in the United Kingdom in the earlies of 2011 and got a good welcome by the online viewers. These were the days when Megaupload was shut down for presenting pirated movies and all the traffic from Megaupload amazingly moved to PutLocker. The traffic was in millions and it boosted up the site within days. The site was appreciated for showing illegal content and pirating the latest movies TV shows and series. Soon, after a few months of its start in May 2016, the website was blocked in the United Kingdom by a High Court order.  It was the time when Alexa Internet listed this web among the top 250 most-visited websites in the world. MPAA has also reported this website as a major piracy threat and thus the website has changed its domain name multiple times throughout its history. There are more than fifty URLs names or mirrors identified, which are carrying the Putlocker name. But it is not publicly known whether what official website is maintained by the original team.

Latest Released Movies with Multi-Lingual Dubbing

Like everyone, if you are also seeking some way to spend your quality time exploring the latest released movies with quality results, and it’s the time when this website becomes your savior and a first choice. This great entertaining portal provides you with all sorts of the marvelous and unique range of quality entertaining stuff that makes you visit this website again and again. It is going to be a free and perfect solution to treat your desire to watch the latest movies. The site offers all the latest movies within hours of the release of the movies. If you are not a native English, you can watch movies in your language by visiting the site. There is a vast variety of the latest Hollywood movies.

Presenting A Large List of Movies and Shows

The home page contains the main menu having different sections of movies, TV series, and shows. You can watch the best and the latest movies from the newest released movies section. Moreover, there are various fashion, sports and wrestling shows for youth. Choose your favorite topic and get entertained yourself within just a few steps.

How to Unblock Putlocker in your Country?

A large number of shows and movies available on Put Locker are shared illegally. There are many countries that abide by the rules and follow the instructions of  MPAA and don’t any website that shows pirated movies in their country. It depends on your local laws if your country is strict or tolerate in enforcing cyber laws. Possibly you can face legal issues for streaming any copyrighted content. It can happen even you open any copyrighted content by mistake. If you do want to unblock the site and have access to all the content available on the website, you can make it possible by installing a VPN in your device to unblock the restricted site. Google Chrome and FireFox browsers offer many options to add VPN extension or “add on. It would help you watch your favorite movies in a safe and secure environment. 

How to Browse Safely and Avoid Threats, Viruses, and Ads

Mostly the hackers are behind such sites to trap the people by offering free entertaining stuff. They run their websites by showing ads and other stuff. The ads they place on the website most probably comes from other illegal sites. Who knows what lies there under that shining advertisement? You can be trapped by clicking that add because the ad can lead you to some dating or casino site. You can also be a victim of some fatal virus that can ruin the memory of your computer and can cause you a big loss. You are advised to use an authentic anti-virus program on your computer, especially when you are on such sites. Don’t click on any ad or pop-ups to be safe on the site.

Avoid Sharing Your Personal or Financial Details with Strange Sites or People 

The hackers keep on hovering around the sites offering free movies and keep on luring the people with false offers. You are requested not to be trapped and therefore don’t share any of your personal or financial details with anyone on any website. Don’t buy any movie or show because this is the only way to save your money from such knaves. 

The Final Words

Our site never wants you to be trapped and be deprived by online credit card hackers and strongly opposes to use site offering free movies and shows. You are therefore warned not to watch pirated content in any way. We don’t promote such sites in any way and don’t recommend the user to use such websites. In this blog, we are just providing information to our valued users with all the necessary details on PutLocker. We don’t encourage piracy in any way and recommend you to adopt the right way to watch and download the movie and TV shows.