Copyright Protection System is a video streaming platform, which provides copyright content. We do not outsource any illegal or falsely claimed content, nor do we encourage the users to do so. A copyright notice should contain the following:  

  • The word ‘copyright.’ 

  • A ‘c’ in a circle (the symbol for copyright) 

  • The date of publication. 

  • Name of the owner of copyrights. 

Our website fulfills all four of these requirements in a copyright notice. 

The Protection System 

We at Letvideo consider copyright infringement to be serious malpractice, and users involved can be banned from accessing the Letvideo website. Also, any content they may have posted on their channel will be removed. Any false copyright claim can be reported to us via the following 

  • Initial Response 

As soon as we receive any copyright flag, we stop the public access to the channel. A proper investigation is carried out. The user’s reputation is also considered during this investigation. The admin reviews the content in question, and it is banned from the website if deemed wrongful. In severe cases, the channel can be banned, and the user is blocked from any further access to the site. 

  • Review System 

To report any video uploaded on the website, you need to log-in to Letvideo. In case you do not have an account, you can create an account for free, using your e-mail ID.  

Once you have logged in, search for the video you wish to report. Look for the ‘report video’ option around the video player, and click on it. A form will be displayed, where you need to fill out your details and a few categories related to the video. In the case of copyright claims, you can select the copyright infringement option. Once your report has been successfully submitted, you will be contacted by our team. Please do ensure that you provide us with the correct contact details.