Terms Of Service  


This agreement confers to the rules and regulations of the Letvideo website and covers your website usage. Please read and understand these terms, and in case of any query, do reach out to us.  




When you use our service, create an account on our website, or use it for other purposes, you accept this agreement and provide your consent to contract with us electronically. This agreement is bound if you view a video, make a purchase, or even if you visit our website.

This agreement may be updated, depending on the circumstances. As a user, you agree that you accept any revised agreement, regardless of the changes made to it.

We request you to please go through our Privacy Policy carefully to get a better understanding of our policies. The Privacy Policy will give every information about the working of the website, as well as the information available on it.

Any changes made to the Terms of Service will be notified to all the users. However, you should review the same regularly to ensure that you are up-to-date with our terms of service.  



Use Of service:Permissions And Restrictions  


Letvideo.com permits you to use the website, provided that you adhere to the following. Ensure that you do not violate any of these terms of usage: 


  • You do not distribute any content on the website, in any manner or format, unless the Letvideo.com website authorizes you to do so, or makes it publicly available for such distribution.  


  • You agree that you will not indulge in any falsification or modification of any content or part of our website.

  • You agree to not access any content on the Letvideo webpage, via any source except the Letvideo media player. Other embeddable media players deemed explicit, shall not be used when accessing our services.  


  • You shall not use the Letvideo website for the sale of advertising, sponsorships, or promotions placed on or within the service or content.  


  • You will not submit any malicious program, code, or script.  


  • You will not submit any unreasonable and unrealistic requests on our servers.  


  • Automated systems like spiders, robots, or offline readers access the service, making humanly impossible requests.  


  • Letvideo does allow public search engine operators to use spiders for copying materials, for the sole purpose of creating indices, available to every individual.


  • No caches are to be stored for any purpose. Letvideo can exercise its right to revoke these exceptions in specific cases.  


  • You do not take any other action that might damage or affect the usage of our services.  


  • You do not sell access to our service.  


  • You agree not to collect any personal information, including but not limited to the account names of the users.  


  • You agree not to use the communication systems available on the Letvideo website for commercial purposes.  


  • When accessing the Letvideo media player, you agree not to block access to the same or modify the player, to alter its functionality.  


  • Letvideo reserves the right to discontinue (permanently or temporarily) any feature of the service. 

Letvideo does not prohibit you from the following:  

  • Uploading an original video, or maintaining a unique channel on the Letvideo website, promoting your business enterprise.  


  • Any other usage that Letvideo authorizes in writing.  



Use Of Letvideo By Minors  

The Letvideo website is not available to minors. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 are allowed to access the Letvideo website. However, this must be done under the supervision of a parent or a legal guardian. In such a scenario, the parents must oblige with the terms of usage of this website.  

Letvideo is not available to any Users previously banned from the website.   

By using the Letvideo website, you represent that you are not a minor and that you have not been previously banned from the site. 


Your Content And Copyrights  


Letvideo does not guarantee any security or confidentiality concerning any of the content you upload as an account holder on the website. Read the following terms regarding the uploading of content on our website.  

  • You retain all the rights to the content you publish on our website and are its owner. However, you are required to provide Letvideo with limited rights. These rights are explained in the latter paragraphs.  


  • During the period in which your content is being published on our website, you grant Letvideo the non-exclusive right to represent, reproduce, replay, stream (including the offline display without any permanent download). 


  • During the same period, Letvideo may exploit, show, market, and to technically compress and modify your user content, as it is necessary for hosting your content on our website.  


  • You will be solely responsible for the content you upload, regardless of the creator of the content, and you shall face any consequences regarding the same. Letvideo.com does not endorse any content on the website, nor does it offer any opinion, advice, or recommendation.  


  • You assure that you either own or have secured the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to enable Letvideo to include the User and Video Content as part of the Letvideo service.  


  • By making your content accessible on the Letvideo website, you allow the users of the service to view and share your content via the Letvideo website and its video player.   


  • Since Letvideo is a part of the Internet, any content you upload, cannot be protected from misappropriation and piracy. In no circumstances is Letvideo responsible for any forgery of the content uploaded on the Letvideo website.  


  • You agree that the content you submit in not pirated, or a result of any copyright infringement. Unless you have permission from the copyright owner to distribute the content, you cannot do so on the website.   


  • While using the Letvideo service, you must observe and abide by these Terms Of Service, as they may be amended from time to time.  


You must ensure the following concerning the content you upload on the Letvideo website.  

  • Your content must not infringe on any third party's copyrights regardless of the third-part being an individual or an organization.  

  • Any content uploaded by you must not be sexually explicit or endorse any transaction of sexual nature.

  • Ensure that your content is not hateful, abusive, or demeaning.

  • Your content shall not incite hatred against any individual or group.  

  • Your content does not promote or support terror or violence to any extent.  

  • Your content does not glorify unlawful acts, including those of violence and otherwise.  

  • Your content does not depict animal cruelty.

  • Your content does not promote fraudulent business schemes and shall not propose any unlawful transaction.  

  • Your content must not violate any law or any amendment made to it.  


For each piece of content that you submit to or through Letvideo, you represent and warrant that:  

  • You have the right to submit the content to Vimeo and grant the licenses herein.  


  • Letvideo will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party concerning the streaming or other permitted distribution of the content.  


  • You have obtained appropriate releases (if necessary) from all persons who appear in the content.  


  • The content does not, and will not, infringe any third party's rights, including intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, moral rights, and privacy rights; and  


  • The content complies with this agreement and all applicable laws. 



Our Content And Copyrights  

When using our services, you have non-exclusive, personal, and non-transferable rights. However, their applicability depends on your compliance with our terms and conditions. Please do note that all these rights are revocable under certain circumstances. 

You can upload different types of content, including images, videos, texts, and audio. However, apart from the content uploaded by you or by any other user, it is a property of Letvideo and is not accessible or available to manipulate by any user. This content may include graphics, Letvideo logo, other names, icons, destinations, images, and music. Also, text, photos, and software are the exclusive property of Letvideo and its Licensors. Interference with any of this content is bound to invite legal action, as all of our content is protected by trademarks, copyrights, and other property rights.  

Any content directly or indirectly owned or copyrighted by Letvideo is not available for download. Any user is not allowed to copy, distribute, transmit, sell, license, display, or broadcast it. Apart from the above actions, if any action is deemed to be exploiting the Letvideo website, the culprit is responsible for any damage caused by it. 

Several content limitations, distribution, deletion, manipulation, and modification programs are used on the website. As a user of the service, you agree not to modify, reverse engineer, edit, deactivate, or manipulate any of these programs, regardless of its results. 

Also, you agree not to create any clone or other derivatives of the software, content, or part of the same, used on the website. This is a punishable offense, and violates the terms of service, resulting in your account getting permanently banned from the site. 



Rights You License 

Letvideo.com is a content streaming website, which allows users to upload their original content. However, when you upload any material on our site, you agree to grant us the following rights: 

  • Non-exclusive and transferable rights to your content, which are applicable worldwide. Note that for these rights, Letvideo is not bound to pay any royalty, in any form, be it financial or gratuity. 

  • Letvideo can reproduce, manipulate, and display your content in the provision of the Letvideo's business. 

  • You grant Letvideo to create derivatives of your work and perform the same as part of a promotion, and redistribution of the Letvideo service. This does not necessarily apply to the Letvideo website and can be displayed in various formats across different media channels and websites. 

  • As a content creator, you grant every user of this service around the world, a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access your content. Also, any user can henceforth reproduce and distribute your content. Users can create derivatives of your content, and display it, with permission of the Letvideo website. 

The license period begins when you submit the video to Letvideo and ends when you or Letvideo delete it; provided that Letvideo may retain archival copies:  

  • For a limited period in case you wish to restore it.  

  • When the video is the subject of a takedown notice or other legal claim.  

  • When Letvideo, in good faith, believes that it is legally obligated to do so. 



Copyright Protection  

We at LetVideo consider copyright infringement to be serious malpractice, and users involved can be prohibited from accessing the LetVideo website. Also, any content they may have been posted on their channel will be removed. Any false copyright claim can be reported to us via the following.   


  • Initial Response   

As soon as we receive any copyright flag, we stop the public access to the channel. A proper investigation is carried out. The user's reputation is also considered during this investigation. The admin reviews the content in question, and it is banned from the website if deemed wrongful. In severe cases, the channel can be prohibited, and the user is blocked from any further access to the site.   


  • Review System   

To report any video uploaded on the website, you need to log-in to Letvideo. In case you do not have an account, you can create an account for free, using your email ID.    

Once you have logged in, search for the video you wish to report. Look for the 'report video' option around the video player, and click on it. A form will be displayed, where you need to fill out your details and a few categories related to the video. In the case of copyright claims, you can select the copyright infringement option. Once your report has been successfully submitted, you will be contacted by our team. Please do ensure that you provide us with the correct contact details.  

You can use the form available on the website to report any such content. Alternatively, you can simply send us a mail. 



Our Liability As A Host 


Letvideo.com, being a web hosting service provider, does not monitor the content that is being uploaded on the website, neither is LetVideo obligated to do so. We also do not collect facts and figures regarding any content you upload on the service. However, in case your content is deemed to be violating any of the terms of service or infringes a third party's copyrights, Letvideo can remove your content from the website, as a part of its policy. As a user, you will be notified if there is any content on your channel or account that needs to be deleted.  


When using Letvideo, any licensors, employees, or anyone associated with Letvideo is not responsible for your content. When uploading any material on our website, please ensure that you have adequate backups available, as Letvideo is not accountable for any content that might be deleted from the site. 


When accessing the LetVideo website, we are not responsible for any virus or other such malware that might plague your system. For any such interruption, you are solely responsible for any such happenings. 


You agree that Letvideo is a service, and holds the distribution rights to your content, under the 'AS IS' category. LetVideo does not offer any warranty against the content you upload on your website.  


Letvideo may enhance, update, modify, and manipulate its services, including its features and functionality, based on its sole discretion. As a website user, you are not allowed to recommend, request, or advise Letvideo to modify its services. 


Letvideo, its employees, licensors, officers, and other representatives, including agents, are not liable towards any warranty to the content on the website. This includes any guarantees regarding your content, account, personal information, and any financial or otherwise transactions. 


The Letvideo licensors also disclaim any warranties, are not liable to any mistakes, slander, pornography, obscenity, or any other adult content of any kind and in any format. Also, any deformation caused by the content on our website is not a responsibility of the Letvideo services. 


Letvideo disclaims any warranty associated with the functionality and features of the service. Also, Letvideo does not warranty against any interruption or error generated when using our website. Letvideo is not liable to any false or misleading information on the platform, uploaded by any user.  


Being an internet host, Letvideo.com shall not be held responsible for any malfunctions that might occur on the website, regardless of the source. 


Letvideo.com is not involved in, and shall be excluded from any of the following situations: 

  • Any financial, data, or other losses, that a user may have incurred while visiting our website. Loss of profit, reputation, goodwill, or data is the sole responsibility of the user, and Letvideo is in no circumstances responsible for it. 

  • For any loss that you may have incurred due to your transaction with an advertiser on our website, or any other third party on our service, Letvideo shall not be held responsible. Also, any partnerships or other relationships between a user and an advertiser are not Letvideo's liabilities, and shall not be held accountable for it. 

  • Letvideo has an exclusive right to make permanent as well as temporary changes to the website. Letvideo can change, modify, remove, and add any features on the service, without requiring any user or other parties. 

  • Letvideo is not responsible for any loss of data that a user might incur on the website. The content users upload on our service is subject to cyber risks, and in case any content might get deleted, Letvideo shall not be held responsible for it. We suggest the users maintain an ample amount of backups of their content and do not use Letvideo as an archive or storage platform. 

  • Any falsification on behalf of the user shall not be entertained. Users are required to provide updated contact details. Also, if a user fails to remember their password, or are unable to remember any other account details, Letvideo is not bound to be responsible for such events. 



Restrictions On Our Services 

Letvideo is a user-driven service and considers the usage of our services by different age groups and communities; there are specific ethical standards a user must follow when uploading any content on our platform. As a user, and a content creator on Letvideo, you warrant that : 

  • Any content you upload shall not display or encourage human abuse, animal abuse, violence, drug usage, and glorification of any unlawful aspects of the society. 

  • Sharing or distributing any child pornographic content is illegal, and shall not be tolerated on the Letvideo platform. Other obscene materials like images of rape, intercourse, masturbation, male or female genitalia, or sexual abuse shall not be uploaded on the website. Also, any derivatives of the content mentioned above shall not be entertained on the site. Users are required to maintain a sense of dignity about any content they upload on the website. 

  • Any defamatory content shall not be uploaded on the Letvideo platform. This includes and is not limited to public figures. Defamatory content targeted at any individual, firm, or organization shall not be tolerated on the website. 

  • Your content shall not infringe on any human rights. No abuse, defamation or insult of any sort can be uploaded on the website. This includes any personal property, including and not limited to images, texts, and videos of an individual. 

  • The content shall not infringe on the copyrights of any third party. This includes music, videos, audios, text, or derivatives of the same. 

  • You shall not promote or incite any violent or other unlawful activity. 

  • Your content shall maintain basic moral standards, and follow the public policy of our website. 

When you upload any content on our website, you warrant that the content is entirely original and does not infringe on any individual creator or organization's copyrights. You shall have the required rights and permissions to upload any such content, and must have paid the fees, and other royalties regarding the same to the lawful owners of the content. 

Letvideo.com has the right to decide if the content you upload on our services violated any of the terms of service according to this agreement. We can choose solely whether any content shall be banned or removed from our website. Video can decide if the content infringes on any copyrights to third parties. Also, Letvideo can determine whether the content is pornographic, represents unlawful activities or violence, or any other obscenity of any kind. 


As a user, if you fail to comply with any of the terms of service in this agreement, Letvideo can proceed to take the following actions: 

  • Your content shall be removed from the website. 

  • Your Letvideo account shall be banned from any further usage. 

  • Your usage of the embedded media player on our website is prohibited. 

  • Content uploaded on the website via. Your account is removed or modified. 

  • Letvideo also reserves the right to inform the authorities of any such infringements. 

  • As a culprit, you will be liable to legal actions, including investigations, criminal sanctions, and other damages to public or private property. 

You are advised to take all necessary precautions regarding your content on our website. Letvideo is a video streaming service and is not designed to store or archive any data. As a user of the site, you are solely responsible for all the data you upload on our platform. Our advice is that you follow the terms of service carefully, and create backups of all the data you upload on the website, as might be subject to piracy, accidental data loss, and other forms of cybercrime.  

Advertisements may be associated with your content, depending on the type of content you upload. 

Letvideo also holds the license to remove any content on the website, which has not been viewed for a certain period and does not have any access to it. 

As a content creator, you shall not indulge in the following activities: 

  • Illegally increase the number of views, or create an illusion of the same. Also, any created impression of the number of views or likes on your content, directly or indirectly, shall be considered as a violation of the terms of service. You should not contract, hire, or authorize any third party to do the same. 

  • As the user of Letvideo, you agree that we may display third-party advertisements on the content you upload. Since the website is free to use and does not charge its viewers or content creators, publications are the only source that allows the site to continue its operation. Unless there is specific mention on the account, not to display any ads, there will be third-party advertisements posted on your content. 

If you export any content from Letvideo.com to any other website, through the Letvideo media player, as a user and content creator, you must ensure the following: 

  • The content does not infringe any third party rights. 

  • It does not adversely affect any third party or an individual, physically, socially, or mentally.   

  • Any content should not encourage violence or incite disgust amongst or against any group of individuals, communities, or society. Also, no animal abuse must be displayed. 

  • Content must not be sexually explicit. 

  • Content must not display extensive use of drugs and other illegal substances.  

  • The content should not be demeaning to a community or society. 

  • Content must not violate any existing public orders or any other applicable laws. 

  • The content must display decency, and good morale, and in no circumstances, shall glorify misleading images, text, videos, or other activities. 

You shall also warrant that your use of the Letvideo embeddable Media player shall not be made for the following purposes: 

  • Any advertisement, promotion, or other such marketing means for a product without prior authorization from the owner of the company or whoever the third-party is. 

  • Shall not be used for any sort of resale. 

  • Shall not depict, display or encourage any third party competitions or other such events. 

  • Shall not synchronize any background audio composition from the other party's content, be it a user on the website or any advertiser. 

You shall not block, modify, manipulate, or redefine any website feature, regardless of its effect on the functionality of the service. You shall also not make any derivatives of any property belonging to the website or other users of the site. 

As a content creator and its distributor, you warrant that you have all the rights that authorize you to distribute the content on our website. If the content belongs to a third party, you must have written permission from the particular organization or individual to distribute the same. 

You agree not to modify or reiterate any part of the service, including the video player, and its functionality. Any attempt to disable or limit the security features of our website can result in legal actions. In this regard, you agree to the following: 

  • Letvideo can prevent the usage of copied content that might Infringe other user's privacy. 

  • Letvideo can enforce certain limitations to the content that might be uploaded on the website. 

  • As a user, you shall agree not to collect, store, use, or distribute any data belonging to any user on the website. 


You agree that Letvideo shall not be used for any commercial usage unless you have exclusive permission from the Letvideo authorities to do so. These commercial usages include and are not restricted to the following: 

  • The sale of access to the usage of our service. 

  • The sale of advertisements or promotions available on our website, belonging to the third parties. 


You agree that you should not use the website for any purpose other than personal and non-commercial usage. This is the extent of usage as allowed by the licensors of the Letvideo service.  

As a user, you are allowed to use the website for streaming videos. Streaming is a term that refers to the digital transmission of audiovisual content from the owner of the content to the user streaming the video via—any streaming platform. In the case of our service, you are either a user of the content creator and can view or upload any content via the Letvideo website. Any such audiovisual transaction in real-time and is not available for download or distribution. 


You are prohibited from using the content belonging to the creator, for any purpose other than streaming, and personal usage. For any other usage, you need to contact the creator of the content and get the required rights for additional usage.  


You shall not hold Letvideo as a culprit for any loss or damage to your property, fame, or any other form of loss. Letvideo is not entitled to offer you any kind of settlements, expenses, claims, interest, penalty, or awards. 

Letvideo shall not be held responsible for any loss to the user, and shall not be held liable to any financial or otherwise settlements. Letvideo also shall not offer any compensation for any loss you have incurred as a result of the following: 

  • Your content on our website. 

  • Your content is violating the terms of service of Letvideo.com. 

  • Your use of the Letvideo service. 

  • Violation of any third-party rights. 



General Legal Terms 

The terms of service, as stated in this agreement, shall govern any transaction between any user and Letvideo.com. This agreement is final and binding between the two parties and shall replace any prior approval that might stand between you and Letvideo. 

As a user, you might receive notifications from Letvideo, via email, or other means of communication as specified by you. This may include any notices or updates regarding the functionality, content, or other details about the website. 

Letvideo reserves the right to exercise a particular right, and in case it opts not to apply it, it is solely Letvideo's discretion. In no circumstances can an individual be under an illusion that Letvideo cannot press charges or exercise its rights?

If any court of law deems any details or terms of this agreement unfair and invalid, those terms shall be removed or modified according to the court's guidelines, without making any changes to the other terms. 

Any changes made to the Terms of usage shall be notified to you by the Letvideo website. However, users are advised to regularly read the terms of service to stay updated on any such modifications.