Privacy Policy Of

Letvideo is an online video streaming website and duly respects your privacy. This policy is developed to inform the users of the reasons for collecting the various information, and the means to do so.  

We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully when using the Letvideo website to view content or transacting business with us. 

If you choose to use our Service, you agree to the collection and use of information concerning this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. 


We provide online video hosting and other related services, via the Letvideo platform, which has an embedded video player. The content does not target any specific audience group and is of general nature. You are allowed to access the website as an anonymous user. There is a bit of information, including your IP address, which is recorded, regardless of your login and registration status. 

Collection Of User Data

We collect information about you when you visit the website. Third-party servers may also use your information when you visit our site. The data collected includes personal as well as non-personal information.  

In order for you to sign-up, you need to provide a valid e-mail and set a password. These can be used to login to the website. There are no third-party operators to facilitate the sign-up. Apart from the E-mail and password, you need to provide the following information. 

  • Username 

  • Date of birth 

  • Country of residence 

  • Gender 

During the sign-up, you need to visit your e-mail Id provided to verify you as a user.  

Specific information such as your IP address, technical information about your device, and the webpage you visited. This is regardless of your account. All this information is collected automatically and will be done even if you do not have an account.  

Financial Information 

To make a purchase on the website, you need to provide a valid payment method, such as Debit Card, Credit Card, or other digital payment methods. Any payment information is not stored on the website. 

In case you wish to run ads or sell items on the website, you need to provide an account to receive any funds and tax information. Your name, address, and taxpayer Id number are also required for the same. 


Account-holders who wish to upload content, can sign up, create their channel, and start uploading videos. Your channel displays the image as well as the information provided by you. However, to limit this, you can filter who can see your channel and who can't.  

Any video you might upload will be publicly accessible, and any conversation you have with any viewer will also be public. 

Being a creator, if you upload any video on the website, and it is reported to cause the following, it will be deleted from the site, and you will be notified regarding the same. 

  • Cyberbullying. 

  • Communal hatred. 

  • Copyright Claims. 

  • Violating the trademark policy. 

  • Sexually explicit content. 

All the videos in the above categories are against the rules of Letvideo and can lead to your video getting deleted from the website. In some cases, you might also face a ban from the site. 

Usage Of Your Data 

Whatever information you have provided or has been collected while your visit to the website, is used for the following purposes: 

  • Identification And Authentication

When you log-on to the site, this information is used to recognize the user and check for their authenticity. 

  • Carrying Out Purchases

The financial information you have submitted is used to carry out the purchases made by you. Your account information will be used to pay you any of the amounts you have earned if you are a partner or a creator. 

  • Communication

The information you provide is used to contact you in case of any query or any other update. Suppose you made a customer support inquiry, your contact information will be used to reach back to you. 

  • Improving Our Services

The data collected automatically is used to analyze the content and understand how our services are being used. In case of bugs affecting a limited number of accounts, you some additional data might need to be analyzed. 

  • Advertising

Your data might be used to provide you with third-party advertisements to notify you of the latest offers. This might be done based on your usage on our website. 

  • Exercising Our Rights

The data we collect can be used to maintain the dignity of the services provided and eliminate any abuse on the website. Any activity that violates our terms and conditions has to be eliminated, which is done using your information. 

Collection Of Data 

We collect user data via cookies, web beacons, device identifiers, and other trackers. The following are the detailed description of these. 

  • Cookies And Local Storage 

Cookies are small files that a website transfers to your device's storage through your internet browser. This is, of course, allowing the site to store data and remember the website's information. Cookies help us understand your preferences based on what you browse on the website. Also, cookies help us identify the glitch and remove any bugs that might cause a problem if there are any issues when accessing our website.  

When you visit our website, you are requested to allow cookies onto your device. If you choose to disallow, some of the features on the website might not work.  

  • Device Identifiers 

Device identifiers and Software Development kits are generally used to analyze the usage of data and your response to advertisements. This technology helps us better understand your response to the ads. Software developers usually employ this tech into applications to allow advertisements to be shown. 

  • Web Beacons 

Web beacons and pixel tags are embedded on the webpages and videos. These are similar to the cookies and are used to see if you have visited a particular webpage, viewed a specific video, or seen a specific mail. The time and date when you viewed the content are also collected. Your system's IP address, used to access the webpage, is also collected. 


Third-Party Information 

We do not share any information collected, whether personal or non-personal, with any third party services. However, there are advertisements on our website, and if you click on any of them, you will be redirected to the advertiser's website. Once you visit this third website, our privacy policy is not applicable. Any information collected by a third-party is not our responsibility. Make sure you read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website before providing any information. 

Children's Online Privacy Protection 

Children's under the authorized age in their countries are not permitted to register on the Letvideo website. This age limit usually varies between 13 and 16, depending on the country of residence. In addition, if children are viewing content on the site, they must have parental consent to do so.  

Letvideo does not focus on any particular age group and hence does not meet the needs or requirements of a specific age group. In case a minor has a Letvideo account, without the parent or guardian's permission, the parent should immediately proceed towards getting the account deleted.  

A Notice To The Parents 

When you visit the website, we do not know if it is an adult or a minor accessing. If your child is accessing the site, please make sure they have your consent, and if possible, they view the content under your complete guidance. 


Letvideo has implemented security policies and technical measures to safeguard your information. These are implemented to avoid improper use or disclosure, unauthorized access and modification, and unlawful destruction of your data.  

We use a variety of latest measures to prevent falsification of your information, but in no way are our systems failsafe. Our systems are well capable of keeping your information secure, but internet security technology changes rapidly, and we cannot guarantee that our systems will prevent a data breach in the future. Often there are forceful circumstances when several factors lead to data disclosure, and despite our best efforts, this is beyond our reach.

Changes To The Privacy Policy 

Privacy policy for the Letvideo website will be available on the site and can be viewed whenever required. Also, during your registration, you are required to agree to the terms and conditions, and also read the privacy policy to ensure full disclosure of our policies regarding the information.  

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be updated on the website. You will be notified of these changes.