Letvideo.com is a video sharing and streaming platform and primarily focuses on providing the latest video content. We allow users to create their Let video channel and the freedom to upload their original content on the website. 

Mission And Vision 

When creating the Letvideo.com website, our vision was to create a platform that facilitates the users to upload as well as stream high-quality videos, without having to pay anything. Video is the best way to present any content. Letvideo is a one-stop destination where you can discover content from around the world, from a range of different fields. There are tutorials, sports highlights, music, gaming streams, and much more.  

Our mission is to make Letvideo a one-stop destination for the users, who are looking for video content, be it of any genre.  

Our Endeavors

We aim to offer all sorts of video content. From Photoshop tutorials to the latest music videos, we have an extensive range of collections. The website has been created while keeping the user in mind and appeals to both youngsters as well as elder individuals. The interface is rather simple, minimalistic, but offers much more than it appears. 

Since we are a global video platform, users from around the world create their accounts on Letvideo and upload original content. This global reach has resulted in a large number of subscribers who visit Letvideo every day to satisfy their digital content needs. 

Freemium Services

We do not charge the users anything for our services. You can feel free to visit our website as a guest, create your Letvideo account using your e-mail Id both without costing you anything. You can even create your channel, upload your original content, and garner views from the Letvideo subscribers around the world.  There is no hidden cost.

Our Workforce 

We are not the largest of companies going around, but our workforce is highly efficient. From managing the content on the website to developing new technologies for preventing piracy, we are effectively working towards making Letvideo a haven for content creators. 

Website Security 

We have a team of specialists who specialize in making technologies that can counter the ever-increasing threat from cybercriminals. The content you upload is essential to us, and we consider its safety to be our foremost priority. There are regular advancements in the piracy world, but our team here at Letvideo keeps working to make the website safe from these risks. 


Letvideo works in a simple manner and maintains a level of transparency among the users, content creators, and Letvideo itself. The website's working is straightforward, and its terms and conditions are available to read on the site itself. 

All the content is legal, and any copyright claims by a user are taken seriously and dealt with without any delays.  

For queries regarding our services or functionality, contact us.