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Pagalworld:watch the latest bollywood and hollywood movies


People often like to watch movies and shows to enjoy and have fun. This activity has increased this year 10 times than before because of the pandemic and lockdown and there is nothing better to do than watching movies and listening to songs when you are stuck at home and you have nothing else to do to entertain yourself. Countless legal and illegal websites are great to find and watch your favorite movies online and you can even download them to enjoy them offline.

Rather than going for the sites that require a subscription fee, people prefer to use movie streaming websites that are free of cost, and Pagalworld 2021 website is among the top of the list of illegal movie streaming websites that allow the user to watch and download all their favorite Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. movies, shows, and songs for free. The website has all the latest and classic content for its viewers.

The Pagalworld website is like an illegal torrent website where you can find movies, Mp3 songs, and shows of all categories and genres. If you can’t find your favorite movies just check it on the Pagalworld website and you will find it because it has a wide variety of content that you can watch or download to enjoy offline, free of cost.

Another great thing about this popular website is that you can listen to songs as well as ringtones that you can download and set as your mobile ringtone. Even the ringtone section is of a great variety as you can find all your favorite latest and classic songs in the form of ringtones.  


Pagalworld is a famous illegal movie streaming website that is known for its great variety of content that you can get access to for free without even paying a single penny for it. You can find all sorts of movies and shows on this website of all categories and genres and you can easily download these movies, Tv shows, or seasons free of cost. This is the reason why it is a torrent website. Just open the website and type in your favorite movie or show to download and you will easily find one without a problem.

It is one of the very few torrent websites that allow you to download unlimited movies and shows free of cost and that too in HD quality. The Pagalworld 2021 website is the best illegal torrent service that helps you download a great variety of movies at a very fast speed and in very good quality. Though it is highly illegal but is still one of the best websites to find and download movies of all categories including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. So if you want to download movies of good quality, Pagalworld is the best option for you.


Yes, the Pagalworld website is illegal without a question or confusion. The reason behind this is pretty clear, which is that it is involved in the crime of piracy. The website streams all the pirated movies without permission and it is a crime. It is one of the most popular illegal movie streaming websites all across the world but this doesn’t change the fact that it is uploading pirated content.

You can find movies, songs, shows, and seasons of all categories and genres on this illegal website and it allows you to download all this stuff for free. Because it provides free content, this is the reason behind its success and so many followers. People love watching and downloading their favorite movies, songs, or shows without having to pay for them so they reach out to such websites even when they know that the website is illegal and serves pirated content. But according to the law of piracy, the users of the website and equally to be blamed for using and promoting such illegal websites.


The best feature about the Pagalworld 2021 website is that it allows you to watch and download as many movies, songs, or shows as you want to. So yes, it does allow the user to watch and download unlimited movies. Just go to any functional domain of the website and you will find a great variety of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, etc. movies, songs, shows, and much more on the website that you can easily watch or download without even paying a penny.

Pagalworld is indeed one of the best illegal websites because it will give you access to movies, shows, and songs that you cannot find on any other website, be it legal or illegal. So this website is an excellent option if you are a movie lover and it doesn’t put its users into the formality of registration or subscription, which means you can download as many movies as you want to without any limit.


The question that is asked by most of the people regarding these illegal websites is that how do they possibly earn when all the movies, songs, or shows provided by the website are free to watch and download. The same question is asked about the Pagalworld illegal website that does the website earn money. There are many aspects to the answer to this particular question but we will discuss the main and most important aspect.

Well, Pagalworld earns money the same way that many other such illegal websites make money from. To be a little elaborate, many other third-party websites or agencies put their ads on these illegal websites like Pagalworld and once you visit the website and click on movies or any option, you will be redirected to another page with an ad or even other clicks may open several ads. When you click on these ads, it helps the website make money which goes to the third-party as well as the Pagalworld website and other similar illegal websites. This helps them earn a decent amount every month.


Like any other illegal website that is involved in selling or streaming pirated movies or shows, Pagalworld is also an illegal website that is indirectly involved in uploading pirated movies but it comes with a disclaimer that doesn’t breach the copyright or piracy law and all of the content they upload doesn't have copyright policy on it but there are a lot of movies, shows, seasons, and songs on the Pagalworld website that have copyright policy on them but still it is available on the website which means that the website is involved in the crime of piracy but doesn't admit it directly. This means that it is not safe to use such websites whether they admit that they are illegal or not.

The user should look for the websites that are authentic and authorized such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. rather than using such illegal and unsafe websites because these illegal websites do not offer any proper security or protection and you may end up compromising your personal information by using websites like Pagalworld to watch or download your favorite movies and shows. 

Pagalworld website also advises its users to delete all the content they have downloaded within 24 hours. This itself explains that it is not safe to download stuff from this website. Although it has a great variety of content, it's better to look for legal websites to download movies.


The Pagalworld website is created by some unknown people. The government doesn't know much about them or about where they live. So this website is run by these anonymous people who could be from any country. They have created this website in such a way that it attracts many users like they have provided countless songs, movies, shows, and seasons of all categories and genres that the user can watch and download for free. Just go to the website and search for the movie you want to watch, the website will find you one in seconds. The Pagalworld has different categories, open the one you like and from there you can pick a movie, show, or song you want to watch or download. 

Movie and song lovers are fond of such websites so they keep visiting it to download their favorite movies. The website uploads pirated content so it has been blocked many times now but the creators of the website keep making new similar sites with the same content as it so that they can continue to upload pirated movies that help them to earn a good amount of money. Now how do they earn from such illegal websites? 

Well, you must have seen a lot of ads as soon as you open the website and even when you open any movie or click on the downloading link. These ads are put up by third-party websites and when users view these ads or click on them it helps them earn money, out of which a good amount of money goes to the Pagalworld website owners. This is how they earn.


Meanwhile, we can't deny the fact that the Pagalworld website is illegal, we also can't say no to the fact that it offers a great variety of content such as movies, shows, seasons, and songs for its users. No matter what type of movie you want to watch, you will find on the Pagalworld website that you may not be able to find on other illegal or legal websites. Movie lovers are 24/7 in search of the websites that allow them to watch and download their favorite movies or songs of all categories and genres for free and Pagalworld has become their number one choice because it provides all these facilities. 

Another great feature that makes the website the number one choice for people to download their favorite stuff is that you can download songs along with their original videos. This means you can download your favorite video songs in HD quality and you can choose the format before starting the downloading process. This is why people love it the most because this particular website gives them ALL IN ONE experience that you may not get from all the other similar websites. On this website, you can enjoy movies as well as different video songs of all categories so it is a great option for many users despite the website being illegal.


As discussed above, this illegal website is among the top of the list of illegal movie streaming websites because it offers a great variety of content for its users to watch and download for free and this is the reason why it has millions of users. You can find movies of all categories and genres on this amazing website and all these categories have hundreds and thousands of movies in them that the users can download free of cost. The categories and genres that you can find on the Pagalworld illegal movie streaming website are;


  • Bollywood

  • Hollywood

  • Tamil

  • Telugu

  • Malayalam

  • Punjabi

  • Pakistani 

  • Marathi

  • South Indian 

  • Bengali

  • Arabic 

  • Adult films

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Dramas

  • Movies

  • Animated movies

  • Seasons 

  • Tv shows

  • Songs

  • Video songs


  • Action

  • Romance

  • Comedy

  • Thriller 

  • Drama

  • Sci-fi

  • Horror

  • Musical

  • Dance

  • Emotional 

  • Scary and much more.


Pagalworld movie streaming website is known for uploading the latest and old movies of all categories and genres mentioned above. Though it has countless movies, shows, and songs but all of them are pirated and leaked by the website. The Pagalworld website has leaked a big number of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc. movies and songs over the years. If we start talking about all of them, it will probably take forever so let's stick to some of the many latest movies that the website has leaked in the past couple of years.

  • STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 (2019):

Student of the Year 2 is a sequel of Karan Johar's SOTY which did a lot of business and did great at the box office. SOTY 2 did not do as well as the first part but still many people watched it and liked it. The story is quite similar to the first one. It is about three students studying together in the same college. Both of the girls fall for the same boy and this causes them to become each other's enemies.

  • GOOD NEWWZ (2019):

The next famous Bollywood movie leaked by the Pagalworld movies streaming website is Good Newwz which is a comedy/drama movie and was released on December 27, 2019. The movie gained a lot of popularity because of its humor and great storyline and did great at the box office. The story is about two couples who fail to conceive after trying for years. They decide to seek medical help which brings chaos into their lives when the doctor makes an irreversible blunder. 

  • CHHICHHORE (2019):

Chhichhore is a comedy film starring the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and the most beautiful Shraddha Kapoor. The movie was released on September 6, 2019, and got a lot of appreciation from the viewers. It revolves around the life of some college students and their life in hostels. It is about how they become best friends from strangers.


Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood is a famous Hollywood movie that was released on July 24, 2019. The movie starred the most famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. It is a comedy/drama movie that managed to do a lot of business at the box office and made a huge amount of money. It also won many awards. The story is about a man who was a great actor of his time but lost popularity over time. He tries to gain his popularity back with the help of his stunt double.

  • TOY STORY 4 (2019):

Another great movie is Toy Story 4 that is an animated movie and you might have seen the previous parts of this famous movie. It was released on June 11, 2019, and almost broke records at the box office as soon as it was released all across the world. The story is about a cute toy family who is owned by Bonnie. Woody is the main character that tries to build Forky because of how important it is to their owner, Bonnie. Their whole life turns upside down when Gabby Gabby comes into their lives.

  • RABB DA RADIO 2 (2019):

Rabb Da Radio 2 is an Indian Punjabi film that was released on March 29, 2019. It is like a family drama type of movie that got good reviews and did good business overall. The story of it revolves around a couple who just got married. The couple decides to move back to the husband's hometown, but as soon as they go back, they find out that their families have taken their shares and separated from each other. Now the couple will try to bring them back together like before. 

  • SUFNA (2020):

Sufna is another Indian Punjabi movie leaked by the Pagalworld movie streaming website. It was released recently on February 14, 2020. The movie did great and managed to get a lot of good reviews and ratings. The story is about a young man and a poor girl who works on a farm. They fall in love with each other but it gets impossible for them to maintain their relationship due to the people living among them.

  • DARBAR (2020):


Darbar is an Indian Tamil movie that you can easily find on the Pagalworld website. The movie was released earlier in 2020 on January 8. It became popular as soon as it was released and was watched and loved by many people. The story of the movie revolves around a Mumbai police Commissioner who is on a mission to catch a drug dealer and on that mission, he finds out about more dark secrets and decides to unravel those secrets. 

  • PATTAS (2020):

Pattas is also an Indian Tamil movie that was released on January 15, 2020. The movie had a great storyline and it did great at the box office. People loved it and watched it quite a few times. The story is about a young boy who got separated from his mother at a very young age and he develops a habit of stealing. He becomes a proper thief but before he falls deep into it, he finds out the truth about his pasts and learns martial arts to take revenge from an old enemy.

  • SUPERSTAR (2019):

Superstar is a romance/drama Pakistani film that was leaked by the Pagalworld illegal movie streaming website. It did a decent business at the box office. The movie was released on August 12, 2019. The story is about a theatre actress who struggles to become a big actor but doesn't have enough links or sources until she meets a famous actor Sameer who helps her in her journey of becoming a great actress and fulfills her dreams. They eventually fall in love but part their ways due to some misunderstanding.


As we all are aware of the fact that the Pagalworld website is illegal because it leaks pirated movies which is a crime according to copyright and piracy law. Because of this illegal act, the filmmakers face a huge loss as people start preferring and watching movies on these websites rather than going out to the cinemas to watch them or watching them on legal websites. This is the reason why the government bans and blocks all these websites because it is a crime. 

No matter how many times the government blocks the website, the owner makes a new one. Sometimes people can't find the functional domain of the website, for them, there are other similar illegal movies streaming websites with almost all the content that the Pagalworld illegal website provides so they can use one of these websites as an alternative. Some of the similar illegal websites like the Pagalworld website are; 

  • 9xmovie

  • 123motion pictures

  • Filmywap

  • Khatrimaza

  • TodayPk

  • Tamilyogi

  • Filmyzilla

  • 7StarHD

  • Mp4Mania

  • Movieswood

  • Pagalmovies

  • Besthdmovies

  • Moviescounter

  • 9xrockers

  • Downloadhub

  • Kuttyweb

  • Worldfree4u

  • Filmypur

  • AdditionalMovies

  • DVD Rockers

  • Movies4u

  • HdFriday

  • Moviesda

  • Jio rockers

  • Moviegaga

  • Hdpopcorns

  • Moviezwap

  • Isaimini

  • Cinemavilla

  • Mkv motion pictures

  • Filmywap

  • Bolly4u

  • Bolly2Tolly

  • 300MB motion pictures

  • Ipagal

  • Bollywood Hungama

  • FMovies

  • Sky movies

  • Jalshamoviez

  • Mp4moviez

  • TamilMV

  • Gomovies

  • Movierulz

  • Tamilrockers

  • Tamilgun 

These are some of the other popular illegal websites that are used as an alternative to the Pagalworld movie streaming website. So if the Pagalworld website is blocked and you can't find any other working domain if it, these are the best options for you to pick from as these websites also offer almost the same type of content as the Pagalworld movie streaming website does so pick one of these and enjoy watching and downloading your favorite movies, shows, and songs for free.


This top illegal movie streaming website is a great website with countless features. The only and the most major drawback of this website is that it is illegal. But countless positive aspects cover this flaw. One of them is the qualities and formats it provides its users. It allows you to download movies in different qualities and you can also choose the format before starting the downloading process. You can enjoy a countless number of movies, shows, and songs in HD quality online as well as offline. The quality and formats you may find on the Pagalworld illegal website are;


  • 1080p

  • 720p

  • 4K 

  • 2K

  • 300MB

  • 2GB-1.5GB

  • 689MB-1.5GB

  • 8GB-6GB

  • 6GB-2GB


We have discussed all the great aspects of the Pagalworld illegal movie streaming website above, one of them which is that you can also download and listen to your favorite songs from this website. You can also download these songs along with their original videos to enjoy them offline. 

The website uploads a great variety of songs of all categories and genres that are not very easy to find on other similar websites but Pagalworld has songs of all the categories that you can download for free. Some of the song categories the Pagalworld website provides are;

  • Telugu hit songs

  • Bollywood songs

  • Hollywood songs

  • Occasional songs

  • Sad songs

  • Happy birthday songs

  • Pop songs

  • Bollywood unplugged songs

  • Party songs

  • Desh Bhakti songs

  • Latest Punjabi songs

  • Bengali hit songs

  • Atif Aslam's songs

  • Arijit Singh's songs

  • Neha Kakkar's songs, and much more.


The Pagalworld website is an illegal movie streaming website without a shadow of doubt or suspicion but it has countless features that helped it gain a lot of popularity and users. It is among the top illegal movie streaming websites and is the number one option for many movie lovers. This is why the website is still going strong even though it has been blocked many times by the government. Some of the most promising features on this illegal movie streaming website are:

  • The best feature of the website is that it offers a great variety of songs and movies of different categories and genres that other movie streaming websites usually don't. You can find all types of songs, movies, shows, and seasons of your choice that you can watch and download.

  • Another great feature of this amazing website is that it allows you to download movies and songs in different formats and qualities. You can download your favorite songs and movies in the format you like that too in HD quality.

  • The most promising feature that attracts most of the people towards this illegal website is that it allows the users to watch and download all these movies or songs for free of cost. You don't have to pay a dime to watch or download a movie or song and it doesn't require any registration or subscription.

  • The Pagalworld website is straightforward to use, and it downloads movies and songs at a breakneck speed. The process to download movies from this website is pretty simple and easy. You just have to follow a few easy steps.

  • The website also provides different ringtones and video songs that you can download for free without any limitation.

  • The best part of the Pagalworld website is that it is designed very perfectly. All the movies and songs are sorted into categories which makes it super convenient for the users to find their favorite movie or song in a couple of seconds. It also provides subtitles for many movies.


Pagalworld is an illegal movie streaming website because it streams pirated content and piracy is a crime in all of the countries. The reason behind this is that when such websites leak movies and songs, the original makers of the film face a huge loss when people prefer these websites over using the right way to watch these movies. This also results in the loss of government taxes. This is the reason why the government keeps blocking these illegal websites but the creators of the website keep creating new links for the users. Some of the latest hyperlinks of the Pagalworld illegal website are;

  • PagalWorld.Malayalam



  • PagalWorld.bhojpuri



  • PagalWorld.stark

  • PagalWorld.age

  • PagalWorld.starm

  • PagalWorld.arg


  • PagalWorld.streak

  • PagalWorld.or


  • PagalWorld.proxy


  • PagalWorld.vpn

  • PagalWorld.Pakistan

  • PagalWorld.Hollywood

  • PagalWorld.string


This is all the information regarding the Pagalworld movie streaming website. This article was not written to encourage you to watch and download movies from such illegal websites, but to tell you that watching or downloading movies from such websites is equally a crime so avoid using these websites and try to use the legal and authorized websites like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc. Just pay a little amount and safely watch and download your favorite movies. Illegal websites like Pagalworld are not safe to use as they are not protected and may introduce a virus to your device so save yourself from any such problem by using safe and legal websites.

Do you think it is safe to use illegal websites like Pagalworld to watch or download movies?