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Karan Johar Asked Kangana Ranaut To Leave Bollywood

2 Views . Published :  6 days ago

Karan Johar Has Asked Kangana Ranaut To Leave Bollywood Looks like Karan Johar has brought trouble again for himself with some controversial statements Karan Johar and KanganaRanaut have always been the arch enemies in the industry of Bollywood No one has left a single opportunity to demean or mock each other Kangana even tagged him as the flag bearer of nepotism Looks like Karan has again logged his horns with KanganaRanaut and that has led him to become the center of backlashes again Let us find out what has Karan Johar said about KanganaRanaut that has angered the actress and the people against KJo Filmmaker Karan Johar and actress KanganaRanaut never had a cordial relationship between them The feud between these two stars started when Kangana appeared on Karan Johar’s talk show and called him the movie mafia The actress also called him the pioneer of nepotism in the Bollywood industry and in her biopic KJo would be a movie mafia Though Karan did not say anything against Kangana then on his show later during many occasions Karan gust out his anger Karan never let a chance go where he can mock or troll or demean Kangana who is an outsider in the industry Because of Karan’s derogating remarks towards Kangana the actress said that the Bollywood industry has always tried to put her down She was thrown out of movies and filmmakers did not give her chance and laughed at her for her looks She struggled hard and Kangana on her own has reached the spot where she is now Recently a video got viral where Karan Johar can be seen making some ridiculous remarks on KanganaRanaut The filmmaker was saying that he never liked Kangana because she always plays the victim card and cries Karan also made a remark that if the industry did so much injustice with her then why did not she leave the industry Why did she keep looking for movies even after getting disrespected by people and now she plays victim card? The filmmaker even added that no one forced her on gunpoint to act in movies so why did not she leave Bollywood But this remark of Karan did not go down well with people and they are asking that who the hell is Karan to ask Kangana to leave