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How To Use Whatsapp Web ?

8 Views . Published :  3 weeks ago

WhatsApp has introduced a seamlessly new feature called WhatsApp web It is a Computer based online version of messaging on WhatsApp This method is used by individuals who work on their PCs or laptops and must tend to their WhatsApp messages also The WhatsApp web feature comes in handy when you have to multitask and get different things done at the same time WhatsApp web comes with a lot of features that are very convenient and easy to use It is compatible to run smoothly on any browser by following the activation procedure: How Do You Log In To The Web Version Of WhatsApp? The procedure or method to connect the online version of WhatsApp is very simple You have to follow the below steps: Open web whatsapp on your desktop or laptop This opens a barcode on your laptop screen Open your WhatsApp on your phone and tap on settings In the settings menu click on WhatsApp web This opens a code scanner Place your mobile in front of the laptop or desktop screen in front of the barcode The code scanner scans the personalized barcode Once the scanner matches the code your WhatsApp web will be activated on your laptop Features Of WhatsApp Web This method tends to be very handy when you have to get work done and simultaneously keep in touch on WhatsApp Some of the features of WhatsApp web include: You can message on a larger screen This method helps you to stay away from your phone in case you have a broken screen which is very harmful to your eyes You can change your display picture using the settings option Chats open onto the left side and can be easily accessible by scrolling down You can view your friends’ "status" through the status option You can send voice notes emojis and gifs using the WhatsApp keypad Chatting can be done using your keyboard Using keyboard shortcuts you can type very fast which makes the process very easy WhatsApp web offers similar features as your phone and lets you download pictures and videos Documents can be easily downloaded and pictures can be easily sent or uploaded through your computer on this web version WhatsApp web allows you to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on different Windows This becomes very useful if you have two accounts for personal and professional use You can send voice notes by simply clicking the microphone button on the right bottom corner of your chat screen Just like your phone WhatsApp you can create new groups and text your friends without any difficulty Some features like audio and video calls are not available on WhatsApp web You get a notification when someone tries to reach you on WhatsApp calls You can easily pick up your phone once you see the notification You can’t change your status through your desktop WhatsApp Avoid Leaving A Person On Reading? Use This Hack! There is a simple hack to avoid the blue tick hassle on WhatsApp through this web version All you have to do is open the WhatsApp web window and leave it as it is Similarly you need to open a Notepad or any other window and change the size of this new window This way the WhatsApp screen will be in the background You can simply click the cursor on this new window which makes the computer think that you are working in this window while you read the chat behind This way the blue tick notification will not be enabled for that particular chat Conclusion According to Heatfeed For using the WhatsApp web you do not have to download any application You just need to go online and connect WhatsApp with your phone using the barcode You can stay logged in on your desktop or laptop and use this feature every time you use your laptop You don’t have to use the code scanner each time If you are not comfortable there is an option to log out also You can easily manage your media on WhatsApp through this web version This explicit feature offers individual ease while working to monitor the messages simultaneously https:web whatsapp com< a>