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Introduction Really you are new to air frying? We are here to teach you how to use an air fryer things make into an air fryer the best thing to air fry how to clean up an air fryer what can you cook in an air fryer and things to cook in the air fryer here are some useful tips for using an air fryer How to Use an air fryer? Need a boost in cooking Get ready for a refresher Rises heat as a daily oven the top rack is the hottest spot Step 01 Open the box first take all removable components In this it includes a basket and tray at the bottom Put the fryer on a heated surface at least eight inches Replace the basket Important Note: 10 minutes before cook There will be a small (appliance smell) So have the open the vent window Now you are ready to cook 15 things You Could Cook In Air Fryer Chicken Brest pieces Toasted Ravioli Puff Pastry Dinner rolls Croutons Chips Hard Boiled Eggs Quiche Egg rolls Pasta Bake Fish Fillers Stuffed peppers Cakes Donuts Pie