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GoMovies belongs to a network of file sharing & online streaming websites operated from Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the countries, which allow their people to watch pirated movies for free on such websites. It shows pirated movies, TV shows, and web series for free. The user can watch streaming movies in high quality without downloading or installing any other application. According to the MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America, it was known as the “world’s most favorite illegal online movie streaming website. 


Shutting Down and Getting Relaunched with Cloning Various Other Names

The site was shut down by MPAA and Vietnamese cyber authorities on foot of a criminal investigation. But when we find the site after the whole year, it is existing and active online via clone websites. The site has changed many names after being shut down from different domains. The owners used multiple names. But the original name and URL were that changed to other domains.



What Type of Content Can You Watch on GoMovies?

The site has incorporated a large number of titles in its database for you. The database is ranging from classic movies to modern commercial movies and from The Terminator 1984 to The Terminator Dark Fate 2019.  There is a big variety of movies and shows of your favorite genre. The team of professionals is updating the site continuously with the visual material for their users from different sources. That’s why you can find everything in one place. One of the fantastic features of this website is that it is being operated on fast servers and by professionals. They are using multiple servers so the user can access the content in an expeditious & swifter way. GoMovies could also be a good option for you if you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription to Netflix or such other platforms like this. As you won’t have to pay any money and have access to huge data containing movies, TV shows, and web series.  

Playing Pirated Movies within a Few Hours of Release of the Movie

The site presents pirated movies and causes great loss to the filmmakers and the industry. There are many examples of offering pirated movies on the site, and the amazing thing is that the movie was presented on the website within a few hours of the release of the movie. Here is a small list of some big movies, which were offered to watch and download. 

The Lion King (2019)


Men in Black MIB (2019)




Kabir Singh


Spider-Man Far From Home

Super 30

No Stress to Sign Up on the Site

You don’t have to register on the site to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Just open the site and start exploring the stuff, you’ve been there for. In fact, the site has become the best online movies streaming platform for the free movie buffs and get entertained and spend their weekends watching different stuff.

Amazingly Designed Entertaining Web Portal

If you are annoyed and frustrated with poorly designed websites, which are cluttered with information, and difficult to navigate, then GoMovies is the best choice for you. The website is nicely designed, slick, and giving a professional touch that proves it to be a masterpiece of entertainment providing platform. When you land on the site, you will find that everything is appropriately categorized, so you can find your desired stuff easily. For being uncluttered and having an attractive design, the site helps the users to enhance their entertainment experience. 

User-Friendly & Easy to Navigate & Access Your Desired Content

The site displays various sections and categories, where you can find movies easily. There is an effortless way to access your favorite movie and shows by typing the name in the search bar. When you find out your desired video, you can click on the play button to start the video. 

Resolution of the Videos, You Are Seeking For

Although all the movies are having quality resolution and HD results, yet the latest movies don’t come with the desired results. The reason is those old movies are always available in HD and even Blu Ray resolution, yet the latest movies are filmed in the cinema halls with a smartphone or with a Handycam. 


It is never safe to watch movies on GoMovies

It is a fact that sites like GoMovies are rarely legit, and many of them are not recommended to use. If you are watching a movie on such websites, you must keep it in mind that it is a crime to watch pirated movies offered on such sites. All the latest released movies are having copyright and it won’t be safe for you to watch, share, or reproduce any content that is protected under copyright laws. If you are tracked, you may have to face unwanted consequences, and you also be penalized by the authorities. Possibly the laws may vary in different countries and regions. But advanced countries like the United States of America (USA) take serious action against any person that’s is involved in such activities. Though watching pirated content is not any serious crime, yet uploading, reproducing, or sharing could cause you to trap in some serious trouble. 

Follow A Few Steps to Be Safe While Browsing and Watching the Site

If you want to browse the site and remain safe & secure, you are recommended to use a VPN and a quality anti-virus. There is always a threat to be a victim of any fatal virus that can harm your digital device. There is another danger that is associated with such a site, and that is to be redirected to some other website, which can run a hacking code to get access to your private data or Internet storage and steal it. Use an ad and pop up blocker while surfing on the free online GoMovies website. Moreover, never share any of your business or financial details with anyone on such a site. 

The Final Words 

Our site never encourages piracy in any way. We recommend you watch movies and shows on legal shows, even if you have to pay money. The money can save you from a significant loss that possibly can be in the form of hacking your personal and financial information or in the form of data loss. We are just informing our viewers and not promoting such sites in any way.