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Moviemad | providing entertainment in the online streaming world

MovieMad has earned a great name in entertaining the online movie lover in a very unique way. It has faced many challenges to present the latest released movies, and mega TV shows and plays. The network is so organized that they make every possible way to record movies from the theaters. 

And offer it to their users online with the few hours of the release of the movie. This is one of the renowned sites that leak movies online with ridiculously poor print and baits the online users into downloading full movies for free.

Origin of the Website & its Entrance in Online Streaming with Pirated Movies

Since its start in 2012, the MovieMad has been appreciated much among all age groups, who love watching the latest movies, plays, and shows online. The site leaks Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and various dubbed movies released in different languages. As being a public torrent website, it is loved for HD movie downloads. The downloadable links come with the latest movies but with very poor results. 
Sit Back On Your Couch and Watch Latest Released Movies

Everyone finds it difficult to go to the theater and watch movies, yet watching movies at home is more comforting than ever. There are many online streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Star Movies, and Amazon, etc. offer you quality entertaining opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows and latest released movies in your home. 

It’s more comfortable and heartening than ever. Some of the online streaming sites charge money, yet most of them are free. But it comes as free, the MovieMad is seen on top in entertaining its visitors. The statics show that the users have made it their ultimate choice to get free entertainment at home.


Does the This Movie Site Work on Legal Grounds

The site offers entertainment, but unfortunately, they are doing it on absolutely on illegal grounds. They are not authorized to present any latest content on their website, yet they do it. The site uses a very simple and effortless way to entertain its users. They visit the theater, showing the newest released movie and record the movie with their smartphone of Handycam and refine the result in their place. 

They use the latest technology and different high-end software programs and combine the video and audio from two different sources to get a better result to present to their online users. 

The site is banned from the different domain name extensions, yet you can find it with a new title like. They use clone site names and come with another name when they are banned in certain territories. 

For their illegal activities, they are often blocked, yet it can’t stop them from streaming the pirated content over the web. If you are interested in watching the latest movies, you can watch any of your favorite movies here without any hesitation or fear. Mostly the cyber authorities don’t take any action against the visitors but don’t think you are safe.

How to Watch Safely and Securely the Latest Released Movies on Your Device?

Though it is hard to trace you watching pirated content, yet you had better use some proxy server or VPN to watch such content. The VPNs offer you complete security when you are on such sites. Because the website is generating money by presenting an advertisement on their site, so you claim to be safe and secure while visiting the site. 

You don’t know what is hidden under the link, you are going to click and where it would take you. It might redirect you to some sites containing malware, or other threatening viruses. Don’t forget to use a quality antivirus program before you visit such websites. 

Moreover, they can also request you to enter the details of your credit card or other personal information. You don’t know what consequences and losses you are going to face in the future by sharing your personal data. Therefore you are recommended to strongly avoid giving any of your personal and financial details to such sites. 

Entertaining Portal or a Security Threat to Your Device?

There is a large number of websites claiming to provide entertainment to its users, yet most of them are false in their claim. They present illegal content by promising to show you all of your favorite blockbusters within seconds. Many websites like MovieMad not only offer illegal content, yet these websites are becoming a gateway to fatal viruses and malware. 

There are many sites that provide the best entertaining materials, where you can entertain yourself by watching the latest movies with a small amount and a massive amount of peace. Google is really striving to make the Internet as a safe place and therefore keeps on deleting spamming and pirated links from its search results.

Do They Earn Any Money from the MovieMad?

Have you ever thought why a website is offering you free entertainment with the latest released movies? They have their own interests and benefits. No one would do it without taking any advantage of your visit to their website. If you visit their site, they get revenue with it. 

You must be astonished that how do they do it? The answer is very simple and straightforward. They earn by monetizing the pirated content on their site. Their mission is to grab more traffic by releasing the newest released movies and offering downloadable links. They monetize the pirated content and lure visitors to generate revenue. 

Why is the Website So Popular among the Netizens?

If the site comes with some issues, there are some certain features possessed by the website. One of the most appreciated points, you would love, is that you watch and download your desired movies without signing up on this web entertaining portal. You don’t have to create an account to watch your favorite movie or show here. 

When you visit the site, you are free to browse, watch, and download your desired videos without any hindrance. Don’t create and get stressed to remember the username and password to login to the site. You can also enjoy this amenity on your smartphone by installing a MovieMad app from Google Play Store.

Some of the Leaked Movies by MovieMad in 2019

The netizens passionate about this site because of its rich, entertaining database. The movie lovers don’t care that they are violating copyright laws by watching pirated content. You can watch numerous old classic movies in HD result, while the newest released ones are available in an inferior cam result. 

Because it causes a lot of loss to the film making company; therefore, the MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and film industry related authorities take serious action against such sites. There is a list below showing some of the biggest movies leaked recently by this site.

Ardab Mutiyaran

Gang Leader

Laal Kaptaan