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9xrockers | the most visited online movie streaming website

If you are a netizen, you must be familiar with 9XRockers that is an online streaming website, mostly offering pirated movies, TV shows and other illegal content to watch and download. The viewers use this well known to download Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English, and Dubbed regional movies. This is among one of the most visited movie sites also uploading all the latest released movies for free. If you want to watch and download any newly released movies, you don’t have to pay any money to the website. The site presents a huge list of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed, and South Indian dubbed movies.

You can browse the site and enjoy all the offered content without registering there or installing any application or software. You’ll undoubtedly love to download all of your favorite movies or shows if you happen to be on the site and view the collection they’ve got for you. It’s effortless to find out, choose, watch, and download your favorite movies within just a few steps. You don’t have to download your favorite movie or show to watch it, yet you can watch every content without downloading it into your PC or laptop. You can get quality results with fast speed online streaming on the site as well. The website allows you to enjoy all the latest Hindi, English, and South Indian dubbed movies with high-speed download.

The Authenticity & Moral Values of the Website

There are neither any moral values nor any authenticity of the website. The 9XRockers is purely an illegal website that is providing pirated movies, TV shows, and various other series. That’s why the MPAA and International cyber authorities had blocked and banned the site many times. But it doesn’t affect the professionals, who are working behind the website, because they adopt another identity and switch to that web portal with all of their criminal activities. They use various other clonal sites and relaunch the same project with a new name that is somehow similar to the previous one.

Some of the Movies, Which Have been Leaked by the 9XRockers in 2019

If you are a regular user of 9XRockers, you must have noticed that old movies are having HD results, yet the latest movies are offered with rather poor cam results. Despite facing severe consequences, the site admins are performing this unlawful job and thus satisfying their online viewers with the leaked movies. Like the various previous years, they have leaked a large number of movies on their site. The wondering thing about this activity is that they have uploaded all the movies within hours of their release.

Though it is very easy and free to watch your favorite latest released movies, yet it is not appreciated anyway. Piracy causes loss of millions of dollars to the filmmakers. You are therefore requested to watch all the newly released movies in your nearby theaters. In the following lines, you may know regarding some of top-rated Hollywood, and Bollywood movies, which have been illegally offered by 9XRockers. 

Here is a list of movies that were pirated and uploaded on the site.







How Do They Make Money by Offering Free Movies, TV Shows & Web Series

As discussed earlier, the site uploads illegal contents and pirated movies on its site, therefore they don’t have any legal source of income. They show ads and pop-ups to the viewers and thus earn money. Here is a point to be noticed that once you visit the websites like 9XRockers start browsing the content available there, they start monetizing with that visual content. Advertising is the only and major source of these sites. Mostly the ads, which are displayed on the site, are pop-up advertisements that appear when you click on some specific link.

Moreover, banner-ads are also shown. The reports, which were published last year that mentioned the revenue generated by such free websites, tell that they earn thousands of dollars by presenting illegal content. It has also been reported that most of the site owners also steal the credit card and banking details of their visitors and use them to get access to premium movie streaming websites like Netflix. They download the latest movies from there and upload them to their own websites. Mostly the advertisements they show are from the dating, gambling and casino sites. The advertisers of such ads are generally based in Russia and China. All the process is executed by the website to grab traffic and generate revenue with it.

Having a User-Friendly Interface and Giving an Easy Access to your Desired Content

The website has been crafted just for the ones who have to cherish a love for watching all offered from Hollywood, Hollywood, or Tollywood industry. The movies have been placed in their relevant categories and sections. In different sections, you will find the movies of multiple genres. Choose the movies from your desired sections that include the romantic, action, vintage, horror, comedy, and kids’ collection

How to Stay Safe on Such Websites & Get Entertained

How could a site that uploads illegal content be safe and secure for a common user? Indeed, the sites are enriched with threats. Therefore it is not safe to stream such sites, as the movie links presented over the site may redirect you to some malware online sources. Viruses and other malware will possibly hit you. You must use a quality anti-virus program, an ad-blocker, and a VPN with a premium version while streaming such a site and be on the safe side from malware attacks. 

Avoid Sharing Your Personal or Banking Details on the 9XRockers Website

When you are on the site, you must be prepared to face pop-ups, malware threats or any query, where they will ask you to put your personal or banking details. If it happens, you are advised to bounce-back from the site as they are planning to steal your banking details for ripping off your money. 

The Final Words 

Our site never helps or encourages piracy in any way; therefore, we always recommend our valued users to watch movies and shows on legitimate and authentic websites. It’s better to pay money rather than watch movies in an unsecured way. The money you spend on paid sites can save you from a significant loss; you might have to suffer in the form of your data loss or in the form of hacking your personal and financial information. We are presenting this article just to inform you but not promote such sites in any way.